Gertrude Dodson & Her Husband, John Edwin Eversole

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Gertrude May Dodson was born in Gilmore City, Iowa and John Edwin Eversole was born in Mitchell, Indiana. Her mother and his father were siblings. Gertrude and John married in Gilmore City on Dec 2, 1903 and in July 1904 moved to the Clearview district in Canada, where they first worked for George Root on his Spruce Bluff Farm, now in the Morrisroe Subdivision. In 1909 they were hired by Dr. T. C. Fry, the head of the Berkhamstead School in England, to run the Berkhamstead Farm southeast of Red Deer. He farmed and she prepared the meals for the working crews for 37 years until they retired and moved to Red Deer. The couple had two sons: Frank Dodson Eversole and Charles Henry Eversole.
in Red Deer, Alberta Canada


BettyJane Carl There are several other pictures of Gertrude and John through the years showing them in and near Red Deer, Canada on [external link].
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