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Vicky Strika Gertrude Bedway AKA,"Trudi Bedway", (Second from the left), Photo taken in 1979, at a family wedding in Detroit Michigan. I'm her Great Niece from Michigan. Aunt Trudi, is Standing next to my Mother her neice-Loretta. Names from left to right and family relationship to Gertrude, "Trudi" Bedway, Loretta Mele(niece), Trudi Bedway(Herself), Manell Bedway (sister), Mary-Margaret Ellien(niece), Mary Bedway(sister-inlaw), Bonnie Bedway(niece,in-law) and Arthur Bedway.(brother.).
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Vicky Strika I don't know how you could be Aunt Trudi's Granddaughter. She never had any children. She was married once for 6 months to a man from a very prominent well to do family from New York when she was in the Metropolitan Oprah. The marriage was annulled.
Aunt Trudi 's brothers and sisters were , Rose May, Bedway - Rouhib, (My Grandmother who had 5 girls and 2 boys), Joseph Bedway Sr.(Had 2 boys and 1 girl), Manell Bedway (never married, had no children), Nicholas Bedway Sr.(had 3 boys), Arthur Bedway Sr. (Had 1 boy and 1 girl)., She also had two brothers who died as children (one named David, died from Pneumonia as a baby at age 2 or 3 and the other who was in high school named George Bedway, that died from a football accidental injury to the head. at age 16 or 17)..
Aunt Trudi's parents were Mary and Joseph Bedway who were Lebanese immagrants, that came to America in 1902. They bought a strip of land on Main Street in Wheeling West Virginia and her parents built, owned and operated many businesses of the several attached buildings , built by her father in 1910, on Main Street in Wheeling West Virginia, He built a Trucking Company/Garage, a Bar and restaurant , and a Lebanese Bakery. Later he opened an electronic store that started out as a radio repair and sales and developed into a Television repair and sales as well. The electronic store was opened next to the garage of the trucking company below the apartment complex building and ran by his sons Sons Joe Jr., Nick and Art. Later his son Art ran the Bakery and his son Nick, helped run the Garage and then became a Firefighter for Wheeling west Virginia.. Mary Bedway, (Aunt Trudi's, mom and her sisters Manell, and Rose May helped, run the Restaurant/Bar and the Bakery and Apartment (These businesses were built and developed with the money made by secretly running a boot-legging distillery during prohibition in the 1920's),
Aunt Trudi's father died in his 50's from a heart attack and her mother died in her 70's in the hospital from Pneumonia while recovering from a broken hip.
After her parents died , Aunt Trudi and her sister, Aunt Manell continued to manage the low income apartments left to them by their parents on Main Street, in Wheeling West Virginia and Her Brother Joseph ran and owned the electronics and TV repair shop in the same apartment building on Main Street.
They also owned and operated the Lebanese bakery on the corner. of Main street but it was sold along with the Bar and Restaurant and the Trucking company went out of business too and the garage was rented out as a repair shop for cars and trucks after her father died to pay for expenses and to help her mother who then died 20 years later..
Gertrude, Left Wheeling WV to attend Julliard in New York where she then performed at the Metropolitan Opera, (She Moved Back to Wheeling WV after her father passed. (At the same time she had her 6 month marriage annulled ),
Gertrude "Trudi's" sister Rose May (My Grandmother),married Thomas Wakiem Rouhib a butcher from Detroit Michigan and my Grandfather, and moved to Detroit Michigan and had 7 children. My mother Loretta Rouhib-Mele, and Mary-Margaret Rouhib-Elien, George Rouhib, Betty-Lee Rouhib-Boutsinas, Lucille Rouhib-Caruso, Louis-Charles Rouhib, Sandra-Lee Rouhib-Mansur. Our family in Detroit Michigan visited Wheeling WV, every summer for 30 years.
The entire Bedway Building on main Street burned to the ground in 1998 and Aunt Trudi's sister Manell who lived there at the time, died in the hospital from smoke inhalation from that fire. Aunt Trudi was not living there at the time of the fire. Aunt Trudi was living on Chaplain street in Wheeling West Virginia. She Died 8 years later in December 2006.
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Mary Bedway These are my grandfathers (toni Bedway) cousins! :)
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