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Ella Gibbins Balch with her grandson Troy Gibbins (son of Samuel Gibbins), his wife Lula and Lula's nephew. Troy and Lula lived in Westville, Adair county, OK. Troy was married to Lulu Scraper. Lulu's parents were Sarah Starr and William Scraper, married 5 April 1903. William Scraper was the son of Jesse Leaf and Louisa Scraper. William was born 18 March 1880 and died 1947. Lulu was an American Indian, who had a Cherokee arts and crafts shop (Lu Lu Gibbins Shop) on 59 Hwy South (Rt. 2, Box 90) in Westville, OK.

Mystery: What was Lula's maiden name? She was Cherokee. What is the boy's name.


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