GIlleland Family, Oklahoma Taylor family photo
Walter Gilleland

GIlleland Family, Oklahoma

This photo was taken at the 40 acre Gilleland farm in the country near Finley, Oklahoma, sometime during the mid-1950's. Walter Jr. is pictured with his two brothers, mom & dad, and grandparents. During this time our family lived in Fairfield, Texas, but made frequent trips to visit my loving grandparents. Left to Right: Dove Gilleland (Morris), Elzie Gilleland, Walter Gilleland, Sr., Lizzie Gilleland (Taylor) Harvey Gilleland, William Gilleland, Walter Gilleland, Jr. ... show more

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Photo taken at Gilleland Farm Finley, Pushmataha County, OK 74523
GIlleland Family, Oklahoma

Dove (Morris) Gilleland

Born: Apr 29, 1929 in Shreveport, LA
Died: Jun 27, 2010 (age 81) in Cleburne, TX
Also in this photo: Dove (Morris) Gilleland at 26 years old  ·  Elzie Gilleland at 72 years old  ·  Walter Gilleland, Sr. at 36 years old  ·  Lizzie (Taylor) Gilleland at 66 years old  ·  Harvey Gilleland at 7 years old  ·  Walter Gilleland, Jr. at 9 years old