Giuseppe Interlicchia, World War 1

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Giuseppe Interlicchia, born March 6, 1886, in Valguarnera Caropepe, Enna, Sicily. Immigration: Arrived April 6, 1907 from Naples on the S.S. Algeria. Occupation: Sulphur Miner; Married 1st wife: Anna Sadriana, April 7, 1912, in Mt. Morris, Livingston County, NY. Military Service: World War I, Leicester, NY (Livingston County Historian's Office). Naturalization: Sept 10, 1917, Camp Dix NJ District Court; Injured in World War 1, possible exposure to Mustard Gas. Married 2nd wife, Giuseppa Visenti Nov 14, 1919 in Valguarnera Caropepe. Lived at 17 Seventh St, Rochester, New York prior to moving to U.S. Veteran's Hospital in Bronx, NY. Lived here 2 months, 25 days prior to passing on April 10, 1931 in Bronx, New York. Buried in St. John's Cemetery, 672 Union St., Bronx, NY.
at Camp Dix, Camp Dix, New Jersey USA


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