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The Glendale Heritage Preservation Museum is part of a shopping district in Glendale, Ohio. It used to be a railway depot, and has been refurbished. It was one of the railway depots to which Mary Genevieve Bishop from Terra Alta, West Virginia ws assigned to work as a telegrapher, others being Caro and Ottawa, both in Ohio. During World War II, twenty some women were trained by the B & O Railroad, to take the places of their male telegraphers who had been called into military service. After the war, Mary and her best friend, Esther Phifer, were the only two women who were retained by the B & O. Mary went on to marry George Clarence Carl, who was also a railway telegrapher before and after he served in the war. His marriage proposal, made over the railroad's Morse teletype key, was intercepted up and down the line, and made the area newspapers. They were married in Elmwood, and later on, they both worked together in the depot at Cridersville, Ohio.
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