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This is the Golden Wedding anniversary of my great-aunt and great-uncle, Willie Jessamine Brownlow Gossett and Alvia Lester Gossett. This picture was taken at their home.

They were married January 3, 1915, in Eldorado, Jackson County, Oklahoma. My grandmother, Euna Brownlow, married Lester's brother, John Luther Gossett. Euna Brownlow was also a sister to Willie Brownlow Gossett.

People in the picture include from left to right: Mrs. Tindel, Lester Gossett, Willie Gossett, Euna Denton, Mairl Kirk, Mrs. Lee Brownlow, Guy Edward Brownlow, Grace Brownlow, Viola Brownlow, Oscar Brownlow, Alvis Rumbo and Jack Rumbo.

Euna Denton, Mairl Kirk, Guy Brownlow, Oscar Brownlow, and Alvis Rumbo were siblings of Willie Gossett.

Lester and Willie Gossett had a daughter (living) and a son, Clinton Gossett, deceased.
at Home of Willie and Lester Gossett, Eldorado, Jackson County, OK


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