Grandfather Jake Cummings and Grandmother Nona Cummings family photo
Jerry Cummings

Grandfather Jake Cummings and Grandmother Nona

As you are looking at this old, old photo.
Aunt Golda (oldest) baby on lap is Uncle Leonard, Grandmother, Nona (nee Frailex) then my pop - Russell Thomas - his dad, (my grandfather died in early 1930's) Jacob Thomas Cummings holding Aunt Nina Marie and next to them is my Aunt Martha Ann.
Jacob's father was a Jacob and his grandfather was a Jacob - while none of his sons were named Jacob my Dad got the Thomas and a later Uncle got the Jacob. There are several Jacob Thomas' down the line.
I hope you all like this photo - it is a treasure to me.
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Photo taken at Home on front porch Caldwell County, Kentucky USA on