Grandma Bacarella Bacarella family photo
Mary Old

Grandma Bacarella

There were two copies of this photo in my late Grandmother,Mary Randazzo Loiacano's photo album. One was hand colored and says "Grandma Bacarella in Italy & two of my cousins by my father's sister who I have never seen." In 1982 the photo was shown to Frances Loiacano Demarco and she stated that the pic was 30-55 yeaars old. She says the woman's name was Angelina (GIAMBRONE) Bacarella. This one says "questa to aburai a nostra Gratelli Guiseppe faci a tuth" Can anyone translate? I know Guiseppe is Joseph and Gratelli is probably also a name. (Note: her name may have been Rose Giambrone Bacarella.) ... show more

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Grandma Bacarella

Angelina Bacarella

Born: 1864
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Angelina Bacarella