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A relative gave me this photo of my great great grandparents. We're not sure about Minnie. She was called a "halfbreed" back then, she was 1/2 cherokee and 1/2 white. Appently she passed away shortly after this picture was taken, but we havent found any evidence on her where-abouts in Missouri. We're not even sure of her real name. Minnie Hannon is on one of sons death certificate Minnie Wheeler is on another one. Last but not least this picture shows Minnie B.

Mystery: If anyone can shed some light on this please do so. Thank you. 12-28-2003 I have death certs that have different last names for Minnie (Wheeler, Hannon, Hayes, Harmon) I am still at a stand still I do know she was half cherokee. Thanks for all the help.

5-12-04 Found Minnie Hunter (Harmon) Burried in a cemetery called Homeland Cemetery located in Howell County Missouri she was born in Kansas in 1877 and died while givin birth to her son Fred Eugene Hunter on 9-16-1916.
in West Plains, Howell County, Missouri


Jackie Ullom I too, come from the Hunters, and mine were located in and around West Plains, Howell Co, MO. I would love to exchange info with you. [contact link]
Jackie Ullom
Aug 11, 2003 · Reply
Kate Lund If you have the death certificate of one of her children and IF it gives that person's place of birth, you can start there to look for her on the census records. Hope that helps...
Oct 02, 2003 · Reply
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