Greene Co, Indiana Treasury Rollison family photo
Sue Bodishbaugh

Greene Co, Indiana Treasury

Large, sturdy cardboard-backed photo in Aunt Katie (Catherine Henry) Rollison's collection: "To John Rollison, Bloomfield, Indiana." See writing above open doored vault, just under large books: "Greene Co. Treasury."

The Mystery

Can anyone identify these people or date the photo?

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Alan Tate I'll bet money this is the Henry Rollison family. In the 1930 census, Henry Rollison is listed as the Treasurer of Greene Co. His daughter Odensa (age 24) is listed as the Treasurer's bookkeeper, and Henry's son, Lloyd age 24) is the deputy treasurer. The cars outside, the lightbulb, and the clothing would correspond to a date of about 1930. Henry Rollison, according to the 1880 census is the eldest son of John Rollison of Greene Co., Indiana. Bloomfield, In is the county seat of Greene Co., Indiana.
A. Tate
Reply posted Apr 24, 2009 3:22 pm
Photo taken at Bloomfield, Greene Co, Indiana