Gus Copulos Copulos family photo
Bill Ellison

Gus Copulos

Uncle Gus Copulos, High Sierras.

About Gus Copulos

Legendary "Three Cushion" billiard player. One of the giants of the Golden Age. Gus was one of the inventors of the diamond system, particularly the so-called "plus two" system, and in the 1920's he was one of the most feared opponents in the country. He had a plus score against Willie Hoppe, and once scored 50 points against him in only 19 innings. He ran a 17 in the national league in 1924, 22 in an exhibition, and a remarkable 16 in call-shot three cushion, where you have to call every rail and kiss. ...more info

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Written on Back of Photo: Me at High Sierras sitting and trying to look cute while I'm having this picture taken. Elevation 8700 feet. P.S. How do you like my overalls.
Jul 29, 2013 12:33 pm reply
Gus Copulos

Gus Copulos

Born: Jan 22, 1894
Died: 1981 (age 86)
Cause: Hit by a car

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