H. H. Rogers Funeral, Standard Oil

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H.H. (Henry Huttleston) Rogers was a leader at the Standard Oil trust. He amassed a fortune, reputedly about $100 million, through his shrewd business dealings and sat on over 20 boards. He is listed in the top 25 millionaires of all time. His wife, Abbie Palmer Gifford Rogers, died in 1894. Seen in this photo is H.H. Rogers Jr and his wife, leaving H.H. Senior's funeral.

Henry Huttleston Rogers was also a friend of Samuel Clemons, Mark Twain, helping him with his finances. They were friends for over 16 yrs (until Rogers' death) and Samuel Clemons became a frequent guest at Rogers' home.

While the Rogers' home was in Fairhaven, his funeral was in Manhattan.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Bain News Service
at Manhattan, New York, New York USA


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