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This is Obituary of Claud Hand. He was born 11/8/1903 to Mary Ida (Ida Mae) Cook and Samuel Luther Hand in Tallapoosa co. Ala. He grew up around New Site Sylacauga. Horsebend and Alexander City Ala. He had 2 brtohers Selvia and E.J. and a Sister Eunice Hand Osborne McClain. All lived in the Lanett area for many years. Claud worked in the Lanett Mill in the weave shop as teenager. He also sold Blair products and sold suits door to door during depression. schooling ended in 10th grade making a living was a challenge. He sold insur. for Metropolitan Ins. Co. but found his real talent was in "buy-sell-trade" business that he did for nearly 60 years.

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