Hans & Karen (Rau) Clausen family, 1883 Rau family photo
Helle Rau Hartmann

Hans & Karen (Rau) Clausen family, 1883

Hans Clausen, Karen Rau and youngest son, Denmark 1883; This photo is taken in my hometown Vejle, Denmark. The young boy in the middle is my great-grandfather, Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen, born 1869 in Jerlev parish, Jerlev county, Vejle, Denmark. Sitting: His parents, Hans Clausen and Karen Ludvigsdatter Rau. The family lived Engmarksvej 19 in Jerlev, 8 kilometers from Vejle.
Photo owned by Helle Rau Hartmann, who is born 1961 in Vejle, but actually situated in just Jerlev today (2014). Karen Rau had a father called Johann Hendrich Ludwig Rau, whose father, Johann Christopher Ludewig Rau, came from Angel near Flensburg, to Højen parish, Jerlev county in Denmark, to buy the biggest farm in this county: Oxviggaard. That farm is still existing today. The father of Johann Christopher Ludewig Rau was an innkeeper in Thalitter, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, His name was Johann Christopher Rau, and he was born in Eibenstock, Saxony.
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My father's brother and my grandfather claimed that this photo was taken at my grandfather's father's confirmation in 1883. I myself, however had a little doubt, because I think the photo might be older, and my great-great-grandparents younger. In that case, the boy must be an older brother to my great-grandfather, Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen. But when I check out his siblings, it turns out that only the oldest brother lived till he was 11 years old, then he died from measels. The other brothers died as babies or small infants. The photo cannot be of the oldest brother, Lars, because he died already in 1861, and his parents would be much too young then to look like this on the photo. So my conclusion is, that the boy could in fact only be my great-grandfather, just as my grandfather and uncle said it was.
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Photo taken at Vejle Vejle, Vejle County, Syddanmark Danmark 7100
Hans & Karen (Rau) Clausen family, 1883

Karen Ludvigsdatter Rau

Born: Jan 18, 1828 in Skibet, Syddanmark , Danmark
Died: Dec 26, 1906 (age 78) in Vejle, Syddanmark , Danmark
Also in this photo: Karen Ludvigsdatter Rau at 55 years old  ·  Hans Clausen at 59 years old  ·  Johan Henrik Ludvig Rau Hansen at 13 years old