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I have this picture from my mom's candy tin after she passed away. It has 2 men in uniform from WW1. On the back it says Harlow or Harlan An. Fortner. I am guessing one man is Harlan and one is named Fortner. Don't know who they are. The tall man kind of favors me some.

Mystery: I have noticed that old writing from the early 1900's has the n's really being w's. I noticed this on my mom's birth record when my grandmother signed her name. The o's and a's are hard to tell the difference on too.


LeeBarb Fortner We think the man on the left is Harlan and the man on the right is John W. Fortner born Sept. 4, 1873.This is from WW1.
Aug 20, 2015 · Reply
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