Harley Wright Family, Ohio 1940 Johnson family photo
Jackie Roof

Harley Wright Family, Ohio 1940

The Harley Wright Family in East Canton, Ohio in 1940, with his 2nd wife Garnet (Sands) Wright.

In this photo: Garnet (Sands) Wright,
Wayne Wright, Harley Wright, Imogene (Wright) Johnson, Mary Ellen (Rush) Wright, Harley E. Wright, Charlotte (Wright) Finley, Barb (Wright) Cali, Larry Wright, Lynn Erickson, Jack "John" Wright, and Lyle Erickson. ... show more

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Photo taken at East Canton, Ohio United States of America on
Harley Wright Family, Ohio 1940

Garnet (Sands) Wright

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Garnet (Sands) Wright at 21 years old  ·  Wayne Wright at 1 years old  ·  Harley Wright at 40 years old  ·  Imogene (Wright) Johnson  ·  Mary Ellen (Rush) Wright at 75 years old  ·  Charlotte (Wright) Finley  ·  Barb (Wright) Cali  ·  Larry Wright at 5 years old  ·  Lynn Erickson  ·  Jack 'John' Wright at 13 years old  ·  Lyle Erickson