Harold Clayton Cummins Cummins family photo
Patricia Davis

Harold Clayton Cummins

A photo of Corporal Harold Clayton Cummins, 1912 - 1963.

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Corporal Harold C. Cummins. Medical Techician (409); 344th Replacement Company, APO 776. U.S. Army. Served in Normandy, Rhineland, Central Europe, and Africa. Received the European-African-Middle Eastern Service Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars. Trained for 8 weeks (surgical). Served from October 31, 1942, to December 10, 1945.
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Harold Clayton Cummins

Harold Clayton Cummins

Born: Sep 4, 1912 in Deer Creek, OK
Died: Apr 29, 1963 (age 50) in Medford, OK
Cause: Unknown

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