Harold McNeil & Susan Lyon, Utah 1943

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Harold Mecham McNeil with his Grandmother Susan Marettle Lyon in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1943: This is the last photo of Harold before he was shipped over to England in 1943. He Enlistment on 2 Aug 1943 Harold was trained in flying a Glider at Fort Briggs in Carolina

Harold served in 327th Glider company C part of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)—nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles during WWll.

Harold was killed at Bastogne on Dec 26 1944.
From a friend who was with Harold.
on the 12/25 the machine gun squad Harold was on was hit. One guy was killed Harold and another guy got away. The machine gun came down and hit Harold in the back. He went to the aid station and since he was not bleeding he was sent back out on the line. He was shot about 11:00 am on the 26th and with the intense of the battle they were not sure who shot him but he was hit behind his right ear.
at Harold's parents home, Salt Lake City, , Salt Lake Co. County, Utah United States of America


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