Harriett Henrietta Jeffcoat Hughes

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Harriett Herietta Jeffcoat Hughes, widow of Elliott Hughes. Elliott was a private in the Confederate Army duting the Civil War, fought at Manassas, VA , injured at Look Out Mountain, Tennessee. Father and Mother of John Morgan Hughes, Ernest Hughes, Tom Hughes among other children. Grandfather and Grandmother of Esseline Hughes Keller (wife of Richard Daniel Keller - son of John Keller and Mary Galloway ), Inez Hughes Metz (wife of Louis A. Metz, daughter of Ernest and Belle Bonnett Hughes , David Hughes among many others. All residing in Neeses, Pine Hill communities in West Orangeburg SC county near the Augusta Road.
Other descendants include Daniel George Moak of Atlanta, GA , Joseph Phillip Metz of Charleston, SC, Ed Jumper of Orangeburg, SC , Richard Hughes Keller of Manassas, Va , Michael Berry of Orangeburg, SC.
at Hughes Farm , Pine Hill, SC USA


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