Harry Joseph Hemmings Hemmings family photo
Patricia Rock

Harry Joseph Hemmings

Harry was the son of John and Mabel (Adams) Hemmings. He was born 27 March 1905 in Portland, OR. He died 13 Nov 1963 in Los Angeles, CA. Mabel's parents were Samuel and Emma Adams. Mabel had a sister Edna (Adams) Hillier, born 1876 in Kansas. Harry married a woman named Mary and had two daughters, Diane Hemmings and Carol Hemmings Long. If you are related to Harry and want the photo, let me know. E-mail me at [contact link]. ... show more

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Christine Chadwick Hello, this is my grandpa! Please contact me at [contact link] I want to know more!!! :)
Reply posted Oct 17, 2008 9:51 pm
Photo taken at Portland, OR USA on
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