Harvey Sterling Glinz Glinz family photo
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Harvey Sterling Glinz

A photo of Harvey Sterling Glinz

About Harvey Sterling Glinz

Flying Officer Harvey Sterling Glinz was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1922, the son of Ernest Sterling Glinz and Pearl Emily Glinz; he had a sister. He joined the RCAF in 1941. He was a trained Air Gunner and was assigned to 61 Squadron, Bomber Command, as a Lancaster mid-upper gunner. After his first tour, he was assigned to the newly formed 617 Squadron. Since the special Lancasters assigned to 617 lacked a mid-upper turret, he served as front turret gunner. On May 16, 1943, his aircraft, AJ-E, during its penetration of Germany on Operation Chastise, collided with a high tension pylon near Haldern, Germany, and was lost with the entire crew. ...more info

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