Hazel (Burger) Jackson Wright (Daughters Wedding)

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This is a photo of my Great-Aunt Hazel (Burger) Jackson Wright at her youngest daughter (Hazel Wright) wedding. I am guessing that the older gentleman in the photo is Charles Wright - Hazels' husband, and her daughter Hazel's father. I have no clue who Hazel Wright married nor who the lady beside the younger gentleman would be with the exception of probably Hazel Wright's new mother-in-law.
My Great-Aunt was born Hazel May Burger October 5 1887 in Michigan to Charles Ernest Burger and Hattie M. Stokes. She was the only daughter. Her three brothers were Charles Henry Burger (My Grandfather), Ernest Guy Burger and Jay Wells Burger all born in Michigan. Hazel first married Andrew Jackson with whom she had a daughter named Darlene by; after being widowed several years she married Charles Wright with whom she had a second daughter Hazel Wright. My Aunt died March 22 1971. Any information on the other people in this photo would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
in Michigan USA


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