Hazel Risner Baldridge Risner family photo
Sharon Nelson Nutt

Hazel Risner Baldridge

My maternal grandmother, Hazel (Risner) Baldridge, taken when she was about 30-35 years old (ca 1930). She already had at least 2 or her 3 children when this was taken. She married Ernest Baldridge, their children were Ernest Jr, Jack Taylor, and Elizabeth Janet Baldridge. She was born probably in Magoffin Co. Ky but lived in Johnson Co, Floyd Co, and Boyd Co in Kentucky. Wonderful mother, wonderful grandmother! ... show more

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This photo is one I posted many years ago, when Ancient Faces was a fledgling startup! I have lost my login/password to that account and could never get anyone at A.F. to reply to my emails about resetting the password! So here I am, commenting on my own photo that I can't get to anymore! Are you listening, A.F.??
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Thanks, A.F. (Kathy and team)! All is well with my account now.
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Photo taken at Magoffin, Johnson, or Boyd Counties, Kentucky on