Headache cure - Hill's magnetic cap

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A sure headache cure : Hill's genuine magnetic anti-headache cap - advertisement circa 1880 to 1910.

This ad features a man wearing a cap with lightning bolts emanating from its center front, representing the cap's curative magnetic powers against nervous headaches and impaired eyesight.

It says that the cap is for nervous headaches, impaired eyesight, railway passengers (those railroads were bumpy and noisy!), editors, lawyers, professors, authors, merchants, bookkeepers, businessmen, business ladies, architects, active salesmen, and all brain workers.

You just put on the cap, which is made of silk and 22 of HILLS GRAND MEDAL MAGNETIC STORAGE BATTERIES (sic), and you will be soothed, strengthened, and energized. (I bet you will!)

Just send $3.00 and your purchase will be mailed to anywhere in the U.S.

These were the days when magnets and electricity were considered cures for just about anything!

Ad courtesy of the Library of Congress
at Hill Magnetic Appliance Company, Reading, Massachusetts USA


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