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Photo taken by Heber Harris Thomas while living in Ogeden, Utah. Mr. Thomas had a studio in Ogden from 1890-1905. He then moved to Salt Lake City where he continued with his photography work. Heber Harris Thomas was born November 20,1862 in Glamorganshire, Wales and immigrated to America in 1876. He married Sarah 'Nellie' Dana about 1888 and had 5 children. In 1892 he went into partnership with Joseph O'Dell, but they separated several years later, each to open his own studio. H.H. Thomas died in Salt Lake City October 8,1926.
Woman and daughters in photo not identified. Photo found at the Miss Jessie May antique store in Santa Cruz, CA.
at H.H. Thomas, Artist Photographer, 2457 Washington Ave., Ogden, Utah USA


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