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In this picture Back row Charles Odie Hembree,Bryan Eugene Hembree wife Estella Pearl Scott. Front row Flossie Mae Hembree, Charlie Issac Hembree, Liberty Bell Hembree, Annie Mae Luety, Carl Marion Hembree, and Alton Butler Hembree.

Lester Farrow Hembree and Ernest Charles Hembree are missing from this photo.

Buddy Russell Hembree was born in this house along with most of his brother and sisters in the same old iron beds as his Father Lester Farrow Hembree and his brothers and sisters. The house and Blacksmith shop were burned in 1973 by Gordon Lee Hembree son of Bryan Eugene Hembree and Estella Pearl Scott. He was looking for treasure that Charles Odie Hembree and Annie Mae Luety had supposedly hidden in the house but actually the treasure lost was the Hembree Homestead.
at Hembree Homestead, Maud, Pottawomie, Oklahoma USA


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