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This is the only known family photo of my grandfather Henry Davidson and his family. It was taken shortly before Henry was murdered in 1929. My father, J.C., is the youngest child in this photo and he was born in 1925. I have estimated my fathers age at about 2 or 3 years old when this photo was taken. This photograph includes Henry Davidson, wife Kate Hamilton, and children, Levi, Fannie, Earl, Eva, and J.C. My grandmother Kate was pregnant with Jessie when they took this photo. Henry and Kate had two other children who were named Hallie and Sarah. Both of these children died in infantcy.
at Teges, Clay County, Kentucky USA


Kathy Wright I am descended of Levi and the Bakers! Howdy!
Dec 09, 2012 · Reply
Teresa Davidson Hi Kathy, Who were your parents?
Dec 09, 2012 · Reply
Kathy Wright My Dad was son of Rose Baker and my Mom daughter of Helen Hudson. Helen Hudson married Frank, son of Henry Hudson and Maxine Martin. Helen's parents were Keen Davidson and Sarah Bishop.
Dec 09, 2012 · Reply
Kathy Wright I knew JC. We visited several times when I was just a little girl. He was a lot of fun! Good humored, easy laugh. He had a cast on his leg one summer when we visited. There was some big joke about that but being a child I wasn't privileged. :)
Dec 09, 2012 · Reply
Teresa Davidson My father passed away the same week they took the cast off. His leg was broken when a black stallion mauled him. The broken leg and being immobile for the 6 weeks it took to heal his leg took the life out of him. He had a heart attack as he was walking out our back door the weekend the cast was taken off. Most of the Davidson men were horsemen. I don't think I recall your family but I was away from home most of that time.
Dec 10, 2012 · Reply
Kathy Wright Oh...I am sorry. I was wanting to share a happy memory. :( I was trying to put your stuff in my book. Your G'Father must have been first born and named after their Father. Do you know the names of the rest of the Levi, Keen brothers and sisters? Before that it is quite sketchy for us. I think we have a pic of Squire Davidson.
Dec 10, 2012 · Reply
Teresa Davidson Levi Davidson, my great grandfather, born August 24, 1861 in Clay County, KY and died March 26, 1942 was the son of:
Morgan Davidson born April 4, 1815 and died Unknown. Morgan married Mary Polly Stidham March 27, 1838 in Clay County Ky (Marriage Certificate in Clay County Ky File Box 8). Mary Polly Stidham was born in 1815 in Tennessee and died Unknown. Morgan Davidson was the son of John Madison Davidson and Elizabeth Smith.
Children of Morgan Davidson and Mary Polly Stidham were:
1. Elizabeth Davidson b. 1840
2. Tyree Davidson b. 1842
3. Sarah A. Davidson b. 1844 in Clay County, Ky
4. James Davidson b. 1846
5. Samuel Davidson b. March 1847 and married Sylvania Chandler b. April 12, 1854
6. Hiram Davidson b. 1852
7. Ala C. Davidson b. 1856
8. Levi Davidson b. August 24, 1861 in Clay County, Ky and died March 26, 1942 in Clay County, Ky.
All this info is recorded in the 1850 Clay County Census

Info on John Madison Davidson:
John Madison Davidson also known as "Bear Hunter" was born in 1777 in Washington County, Virginia and died 1858 in Red Bird, Clay County, Ky. He married Mary Smith in 1798 in Washington County, Va. Mary Smith was born in 1781 in Washington County, Virginia and died 1826 in Clay County, Ky. John Madison Davidson was the son of Daniel Davidson
Children of John Madison Davidson and Mary Smith are:
1. Tyre Davidson b. 1799, d. July 6, 1846 in Clay County, Ky
2. James A. Davidson b. 1801, Scott County, Va, d. after 1870 in Clay County, Ky.
3. Samuel Davidson, b. 1803 and married Susan Dent b. 1805
4. Martin Davidson b. 1805, Ky
5. Daniel Davidson b. 1809, Clay County, Ky
6. Morgan Davidson, b. April 4, 1815 died Unknown
7. Tabitha Davidson, b. 1816, d. 1850
8. Mary Davidson b. 1821 married Samuel Britton
9. Mahala Davidson b. 1822, Clay County, Ky
10. Matilda Davidson b. 1824
11. Nancy Davidson b. 1825, Clay County, Ky married Elija C. Herd, b. 1832 Clay County, Ky. died November 25, 1863, Missionary Ridge, GA burried in Oaklawn Cemetery Nashville, Tn.

John Madison Davidson had 2 other marriages: Mary Campbell and Lovina Griffin. There were 8 additional children.
John Davidson and Mary Campbell children:
Susan Davidson b. 1827
Silas Davidson b. 1829
Sylvia Davidson b. 1830
Emily J. Davidson b. 1831
Robert Davidson b. 1832, Kentucky

John Madison Davidson and Lovina Griffen children are:
Levi Davidson
Sarah Davidson b. 1834, Clay County, Kentucky d. 1905 Owsley County, Ky.
Malvina Davidson b. 1836
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