Henry Markus (1905-1947) Markus family photo
Artem Markus

Henry Markus (1905-1947)

Henry Markus was born in 1905 in Lauwe, Russia. His wife's name was Kristina (Margarita) Fuks. The name of his father was Henry, as my grandmother says. Their son's name was Konrad (my grandfather).

About Henry Markus

I'm sorry, I can't share memories of Henry's life, but I think my husband's Markus ancestry from Lauwe, may connect with Henry's family. I know of 2 Henry Markus men, both older than this man, from Lauwe. One was deported to Samarka, Kazakstan and the other immigrated to Sugar City, Colorado in the USA. I do have a partial Markus database going back through Russia's Germans to Germany itself. If you care to correspond, please e-mail me at ...more info

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Photo taken at Lauwe Lauwe, Russian Federation on
Henry Markus (1905-1947)

Henry Markus

Born: 1905
Died: unknown
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