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The marriage record of George Alexander Henry (born 1904) and Helen Josephine Sositko (born 1915) in 1934 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The witnesses to the marriage was George's sister, Thelma L. "Peggy" Henry (born 1909) and Andrew Bokeno (born 1899). Thelma and Andrew were also married sometime. Thelma and Andrew divorced and she had a relationship with Robert "Bob" Gersbach until she died in 1965. Thelma and Bob lived together. Helen and George divorced or separated by the mid 1940's. She married a second time to George's brother, Fred William "Bud" Cook (born Fred William Henry in 1919) in about 1946. Andrew Bokeno remained close friends with his ex-sister in law, Helen. Helen and Fred's daughter, Terry remembers Andrew coming over to her house to visit her parents in the 1950's and 1960's. This is how she knew him.


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