Henry Van Wagenen Howe Howe family photo
Brenda Watson

Henry Van Wagenen Howe

Born 6/15/1896 in Fulton, Oswego, New York & died 9/27/1973 in Baton Rouge, LA. Son of Herbert Crombie Howe (1872-1940) & Georgia Van Wagenen Emeny (1871-1968). Married Cecil Evelyn Jones in 1918 in Canyon City, Grant Co., OR. Issue: Shirley, Patricia Evelyn, Herbert James, Eleanor Adrienne & RobertCrombie. ... show more

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I have come into possession of a 1955 summer journal by Robert Howe whom I believe was the son of Henry Van Waggenen Howe. If anyone is interested in finding out more you can contact me at [contact link].
Jan 11, 2003 11:26 am reply
I have, with the help of several very nice people, located the Robert Howe in question.
Jan 13, 2003 8:26 pm reply
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