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Hezekiah Slade was born in SC 14 Apr 1804. He married Helena Taylor 13 Feb 1829. Helena Taylor was born 20 Aug 1809 in AL. Hezekiah and Helena lived in Marion County, Mississippi. They had six sons and two sons-in law who fought in the Civil War. Two sons, Ebenezer and Hezekiah Franklin, were killed. Two sons, Samuel and George were wounded. Their two sons-in-law, Rutillous Ladner and Plummer Ladner, also died in the war. One son, Daniel, was discharged due to illness. Hezekiah died in 1863 while most of his sons were away fighting in the Civil War. The children of Hezekiah Slade and Helena (Taylor) Slade (all born in MS):

1. Daniel Slade, b. 16 May 1830; m. Sarah Baxter
2. Charles Slade, b. 22 Mar 1832; m. Susan Sophronia Baxter 30 Dec 1852
3. Ebenezer Slade, b. 6 Oct 1833; m. Nancy Bond ( died of measles in army hospital at Vicksburg, Miss. while in service. )
4. Elizabeth Slade, b. 10 Aug 1835 m. (1) Rutillous Ladner; (2) Hezekiah Rouse
5. Martha Slade, b. 11 Apr 1837 died as a child
6. Sarah Slade, b. 7 Sep 1839; m. (1) Plummer Ladner; (2) Dr. Henry Clay Abney
7. Hezekiah F. Slade, b. 18 Nov 1841 (died 1863 Chatanooga)
8. Samuel Slade, b. 19 Jun 1843; m. (1) Arrietta Moody; (2) Eurmia Warden (3) Sarah Graham
9. George Slade, b. 22 Jun 1845; m. Ann Smith
10. Elija Slade, b. 6 May 1849 died as a child
11. Benjamin Slade, b. 20 Sep 1851; m. Aaran Anderson
12. Calvin Griffin Slade, b. 30 Nov 1854; m. Harriet Matilda Fillingame
in Marion County, MS


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