Holbrook Military Academy baseball 2

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The baseball team of the Holbrook's Militarty Academy, Sing Sing, NY, circa 1890, was called Briar Cliff. In Dean Burgess II's autograph book the players are: W. H. Hapgood (pitcher) in the middle of the middle row holding a ball; E. P. Lott (catcher) middle row with a mask and glove; Sidney T. Ward (1st. base) middle of the front row; Dom Barber standing in the third row without a bat. Others may include: George W. Drake (shortstop); C. M. Butler (2nd base); E. C. Quackenbush (3rd base); H. J. Stenson (Center field); Malcolm Stuart and W. DeL. Grannis (fielders). The man in the hat is their coach. The photograph is by Pach Brothers, 935 Broadway, New York City.
at Holbrook's Military Academy, Sing Sing, New York USA


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