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Howard Holinsworth Hi Jude,
I have a physical copy of this photo in which my sister, Jennifer Holinsworth, attained at a local shop in or around Nowata. It has the names written in pen for some of the people in the picture.
I'm thinking the photo was taken circa 1914 or so. The little boy pictured next to my grandmother, Clara, is shown to be be Carl Holinsworth who was born in 1910. How 'cool' is this photo? (I kinda feel sorry for the horse!)ha.
I never met my grandfather, John Holinsworth, but my dad, John Jr., had told me plenty of stories about him. Even though I was young, I do remember my grandmother, Clara, she lived in Enid at the time.
My father, John Jr., passed away in 1993.
Howard Holinsworth
Nov 19, 2006 · Reply
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