Homer & Reathy Hazelip Family Hazelip family photo
Cherryl Roulette

Homer & Reathy Hazelip Family

Mr. & Mrs. Homer and Reathy Hazelip, Ritha, Her husband, baby Brenda,Homer Jr. June, Neami, Mary Ruth, Alma, Homer & Reathy, and All the children. Baby Brenda is my mom. Reathy is holding my mom

About Homer Hazelip

My Mother is Brenda Hazelip Simpson. I am her oldest daughter. I use to spend my weekends in the country with Reathy Hazelip and Homer Hazelip. They are my Grandparents. I loved listening to their stories of when they met and dating. The horse and buggy. The time me and my cousin Tammy Young, got baptised together. Homer love to go fishing. The time he took me snip hunting, with a bag and a stick. LOL I Loved them so much and Miss them soo much. ...more info

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My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, baby Brenda, is my mom
By; Cherryl Simpson Roulette
May 05, 2013 6:21 am reply
Homer & Reathy Hazelip Family

Homer Hazelip

Born: Oct 22, 1890
Died: September 1984 (age 93)
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