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Am trying to return this photo to its family. On the front is printed the studio: "MYNSTER, The Out-Door Photo. 200 Harmony Street, C (the rest is ripped off)". There's some penciling on front and all I can make out is "Aunt Becky. Daughter & Grandson. Uncle Dave Horsman. Grandchildren. Daughter Husband." Then something illegible. Then "Photo taken around 1910 (?)" Then more illegible stuff. On the reverse it simply says "Bloom"

Mystery: see description for information
in Oregon United States of America


Robert Comeau David and Rebecca Horsman lived in St Johns Oregon in 1910. They appear in their 50s so I guess this is 1900 and not 1910. He was born in Ohio and she in Iowa.
Apr 03, 2013 · Reply
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