Hutchins', 1952 Hutchins family photo
Rick Kirkman

Hutchins', 1952

Carl Hutchins, Doris Hutchins, Louise Kirkman, (Norman Corkadel?). At a Bavarian Rathskeller Boston MA

The Mystery

Trying to identify the man sitting on the right.

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Photo taken at Bavarian Rathskeller Boston, Suffolk County, MA
Hutchins', 1952

Maude Louise Kirkman

Born: Feb 13, 1935 in Dover, OH
Died: Dec 4, 2013 (age 78) in Portland, OR
Cause: Complications from stroke

Also in this photo: Maude Louise Kirkman at 17 years old  ·  Carl Hutchins  ·  Blanche Doris (Kirkman) Hutchins  ·  Norman Larue Corkadel at 23 years old