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These are children of Henry Milton and Elizabeth (Thompson) Hutchinson.

FLora Belle: Born; Oct. 22 1873.
Died; Aug 27, 1956.
Married; J.B. Prince; John Wesley Conley.

Missouri Alice: Born; Dec.22 1876. Died; June 9, 1959.
Married; W.M."Mac" Prince; Andrew"Bud"Rigsby; Tom Mynier.

Thomas Benton: Born Feb.1, 1880.
Died; Oct.22, 1966.
Married; Nancy E. Prince.

Dora Susan: Born; March 6, 1884.
Died; Feb.24, 1965.
Married; Alfred Culbertson Conley.

Anna Elizabeth: Born; Aug.22, 1886. Died; Dec.30, 1966.
Married; David Cossie Adkins.

David Roscoe: Born; March 25, 1889. Died; July 8, 1987.
Married; Marinda Evelyn Conley.

Samantha Ellen: Born; Dec.6, 1893. Died; May 24, 1978.
Married; Ben Ferguson.
in Elk Fork, Ky.


Susan Neff My Grandfather is the second from the right. David Roscoe Hutchinson. I am his grand daughter, Susan Jane Hutchinson Neff. He was a wonderful grandfather. He could play the fiddle and just had the most wonderful personality. He could sell anybody anything. He knew how. His favorte saying was , buy low, sell high! Hee Hee!!!!!! [contact link]
Dec 27, 2004 · Reply
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