Image #1 Unknown family photo
Robert Kryter

Image #1

This photo was found in an album retained by Mary C. (Reiffel) Kryter of Indianapolis, Indiana. It may be 'her' album or she may have obtained it from someone else. I would guess that the people depicted here belong to the families Menkel, Troll, Reiffel, Meier, Schmid, Kräuter, Weisgerber, Laue, Kalb, Busch, Pracht, Huevel/Hübele, or Kohlstaedt... but it's not likely that all photos come from a single family. Who knows?! Whatever help you might be able to offer in identifying these 'lost' people would be greatly appreciated! ... show more

The Mystery

Image 1: No ID. Comment: seated woman holding baby appears to be same person as image #12.

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