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Ina Lillian (Lillie) Marrs, daughter of Dockery Jordon and Cynthia Barthena McClaire (nee Price) Marrs, was born in Webster Co., Kentucky on 4 Jul 1856.

Lillie married John Harry McGuire from West Frankfort, Illinois. He had a sister Nora. Both had been placed in an orphanage, and nothing is known about their parents.

Lillie visted often with everyone in the famiy, because of this, she knew what was going...who had a baby, who got married, who moved, and so forth. A lot of the information we have about the family today, came from correspondence (now lost) from Aunt Lillie to Almeta (nee Marrs) Cross. She was like a "Round Robin Letter" for those of us that rarely stayed in touch with our kin.
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