Izzo bombed building, Naples, Italy 1950s

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Do any of the buildings look familiar to anyone ?

IAbout 1950 my grandparents Michael and Anna Izzo and my Uncle John Izzo a US veteran, returned to Naples, Italy to sign over title to the family wrecked " palace " ( top left building I think ) , to his cousins in Italy. My grandpa and others said he was a prince because of his grandmother somehow. His father, Louis ( Luigo ) Izzo arrived in America about 1984 and my grandpa and his mom Frances arrived about 1903 after his brother and sister died of pneumonia.My grandpa also alomost died of that pneumonia but ask to have a lot of pepper , garlic and wine to fight the pneumonia and after a few days it worked. He didn't know about antibiotics then, but piperine in pepper , allicin in fresh garlic and the sulphur in wine barrels are antibiotics. )
in Naples, Italy


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