Jack Glicken 1935 CA Glickstein family photo
Larry Given

Jack Glicken 1935 CA

This is an old postcard photo (1935, San Diego CA) of dwarf performer Jack Glicken, Midget Policeman Worlds Fair, Midget Village. Born Jack Glickstein. He was the midget policeman at the Midget City during the San Diego Expo of 1935-1936: He also appeared as a Munchkin City Father in the film TheWizard of Oz. Tragically died while crossing a busy Miami Beach Florida street, after leaving work as a doorman at the grand Copa City Nightclub. He was hit by a 20 year old driver. Son of Rose Glicken and born in Russia. He stood 41 inches and weighed 65 pounds. Was age 35 at the time this postcard was published. ... show more

The Mystery

Unsure which company produced this photo postcard. I bought it on Ebay.

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Photo taken at San Diego Expo San Diego, San Diego County, California USA
Jack Glicken 1935 CA

Jack 'Jack Glicken' Glickstein

Born: ca. 1900 in Russia
Died: ca. 1950 (age 50) in FL , USA
Also in this photo: Jack 'Jack Glicken' Glickstein at 35 years old