Jack Wilburn Hoch & Annabeth Hoch Hoch family photo
Annabeth Hoch

Jack Wilburn Hoch & Annabeth Hoch

A photo of Jack Wilburn Hoch with granddaughter Annabeth Hoch.

About Jack Wilburn Hoch

Jack Wilburn Hoch was a grand father of many. Stephen Dean Hoch has 5 daughters, and 2 son! Wesley Hoch, Justin Slavik, were his two sons, which were Jack's 2 Grand sons. Mindy Hoch, Marjorie Hoch, Tabitha Hoch, Annabeth Hoch, Rebekah Hoch are Stephens 5 daughters, and Jack's Granddaughters. Laura Norton Hoch, is Jacks only Daughter, she has a Daughter Allison Norton which is Jack's youngest Grand daughter. Jack W. Hoch has 2 Grandsons, and 6 Grand daughters. Jack W. Hoch is also a Great grandpa to Mindy Hoch's 3 kids, Travis, Brooklynn, and Bailee. Justin's son Joel C. Jack is a grandpa to 8 grand children and a great grandpa to 4 great grand children. Jack Wilburn Hoch was a great man, and will for ever be in everyone's heart. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. ...more info

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