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James Jones

Jacob (Jake) Jones Family

Jake Jones and wife Martha(Varble)Jones with children. . Photo is early 1900's and is believed to be in Arkansas or Oklahoma. Jake Jones was son of Hosea Jones and Elizabeth Shepherd,grandson of Elijah Jones and Margaret Gilliand of Crawford County, AR. Martha Varble was daughter of John Varble andSarah L Gilmore of Crawford County, AR. These are my great grandparents. ... show more

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Rachel Osborn Hello There,
I had a Great Grandfather Jake Jones That was a cowboy in OK. I do not have a picture of G.Grandfather to see if that could be him in the picture however. I will have to do further checking. If it is him, I do have extensive information on the family, as it is my Grandmothers family on my father's side. Jake was my Grandmothers father.My Grandmother is almost 80 years old.
Reply posted Oct 05, 2004 12:44 am
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