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James Marion Fry Family ca 1900: 1. Zear Oden Fry, 2. Mary Fry (Zears Daughter), 3. George Fry 4. Ettie Fry 5. Lou Hammons Forster 6. Julia Fry Workman (4-1#i) Front Row Left to Right: 1. Catherine Fry 2. Oma Fry, 3. Nancy Priscilla Parnell Fry, 4. James Ewing Fry, 5. James Marion Fry, 6-9 Three Mc Phearson Children, 10. Louin Fry
James Marion owned a general store in Almartha, MO. He also had what was then considered a large laying hen operation on his farm. He would gather his eggs and start the trip to Springfield, MO collecting eggs from the farmers on the way and selling them in Springfield, MO. He had just finished the trip to Springfield, and was delivering the eggs to the stores when his horses were startled by a trolley Car, and bolted out in front of it, killing him instantly on June 19, 1901. The impact was so great it broke one of the horses loose from its collar, shoved it across the road, through a business plate glass window front and 10 feet into the building. There were no other fatalities or known injuries. He was brought back to Almartha, MO where he is buried in the Herndon Cemetery, Ozark county, MO. James served in the Civil War 46th Regiment Company
at Fry General Store lawn, Almartha, Ozark County, Missouri United States of America


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