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Husband: James (Jacques) (Santiago) Innerarity
Born: August 18, 1777 in: Brechin, Forfarshire, Scotland
Married: August 06, 1808 in: Mobil, A1.
Died: October 03, 1847 in: Mobil, A1.
Burial: New (Magnolia) Cemetery, Lot 35, Square 5
Father: John lnnerarity
Mother: Henrietta Harriet Panton

Wife: Heloise (Eloise Isabel) Isabelle Trouillet
Born: 09 Nov 1791 in: Mobile, AL.
Died: Abt. 1820 in: Havanna, Cuba
Burial: La Heloisa (family plantation)in Matanzas Province
east of Havana on the banks of the Canimar River.
Father: Pierre Trouillet
Mother: Marie Isabelle Narbonne

Other Partners (No Marriage): Maria Pybum, Laura Manuella Centeno

Children with legal wife, Heloise (Eloise Isabel) Isabelle Trouillet

1 Name: William (Guillaume) Panton lnnerarity
Born: November 1809 in: Mobile, AL
Died: 1858 in: New Orleans, LA
Married: 02 Jan 1841 in: Cuba
Spouse: Victoria lnnerarity: Daughter of John Innerarity Jr

2 Name: Dr. John (Juan) Forbes lnnerarity
Born: January 31,1813 in: Mobil, AL
Died: November 01, 1868 in: Mobil AL
Married: September 25, 1837 in: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Spouse: Frances(Fanny) Wemyss Johnson

3 Name: James Innerarity Jr. (Santiago)
Born: November 12, 1814 in: Mobil, AL
Died: 12 Sept 1889 in:
Burial: see French Death Notice
Spouse: unknown

4 (H)eloysa (Twin) Innerarity
Born: November 12, 1814 in: Mobil, AL
Died: 1814 in: Mobil, AL

5 Name: Heloise Innerarity
Born: March 16,1817 in: Mobil, AL
Died: 03 Jan 1901 in: Norfolk County, VA
Married: 20 Oct 1844 in: Escambia, FL
Spouse: Lewis Minor

6 Name: Francis Dalcour Innerarity
Born: August 31, 1819 in:Mobile, AL.
Died: 1819 in: Cuba
Burial: Cuba
Spouse: none

Children with Laura Manuella Centeno

Born: 1815 in: Pensacola, Fla.
Died: November 01, 1845 in: Mobil, Al.
Burial: unknown
Father: Baltazar Senteno
Mother: Ysabel Shouen
Other Spouses:

1 Name: Sylvestre Innerarity
Born: in:
M Married: in: Mobile AL
Died: in:

2 Name: Frank (Francoise) Innerarity
Born: 1832 in: Florida
Died: in: Slidell, LA
Married: 24 May 1855 in: Mobil, AL
Spouse: Elizabeth Morris

3 Name: Laura Innerarity
Born: October 04, 1835 in:
Married: in:
Died: in:

4 Name: Felicite Eliza (Elizabeth Felici) Innerarity
Born: July 10, 1840 in: Mobile Al
Married: 18 Jan 1860 in: New Orleans, LA
Died: 12 Nov 1917 in: St Tammany, LA
Burial: unknown
Spouse: Charles Keyser

5 Name: Louis Octave Innerarity
Born: Abt. 1841 in: Mobile, AL.
Died: 1865 in: At Shiloh
Burial: unknown
Spouse: unknown

6 Name: Charles Innerarity
Born: 28 Dec 1844 in: Mobile Al
Died: unknown in:
Burial: unknown
Married: 16 Sep 1877 in: Harrison, TX
Spouse: Laura Ellen Williams

Other: Maria Pyburn (James Innerarity's relationship with Maria Pyburn took place before his marriage to Heloise)

Born: 1788 in:
Died: 1856 in:
Other Spouse: Alberto (Antonio) Collins

Child by Maria Pybum

Name: Teresa Robina Innerarity
Born: May 07, 1821 in:
Died: unknown
Burial: unknown
Married: Abt. 1822 in: Washington Co. AL
Spouse: Adam Hollingger
at Family Home, Mobil, AL USA


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