James Scott, North Carolina Scott family photo
Alena Jennings

James Scott, North Carolina

my 3rd great grandfather James Scott of Gold Hill, North Carolina. No date offered by the submitter.

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James M. Scott is my Great-Grandfather. He was born in Dutch Buffalo Creek North Carolina in 1848. He was the son of John & Sarah An Scott. Who hails from Gold Hill NC. I am the granddaughter of Jesse B. Scott his son from his union with Louise Whitaker (born 1858). Her mother was Cynthia Whitaker (born 1830), there was also a sister named Barbara (born 1860). My research shows that Cynthia's father was named John Whitaker (born 1790) and hails from England
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Photo taken at Gold Hill, Rowan County, North Carolina United States of America
James Scott, North Carolina

James M.Scott

Born: 1848 in NC
Died: 1931 (age 83)
Also in this photo: James M.Scott