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JAMES SNIDER (JOHN WALKER3, GEORGE2, JOHANN GEORGe SCHNEIDER) was born May 08, 1830 in Tennessee, and died September 07, 1895 Low Wassie, Shannon County, Missouri. He was the son of John Walker Snider (b. 1798 in Blount County TN, d. 1827 in Carter County, MO) and Nancy Henderson (b. 1798 in NC, d. abt 1872 in Carter County, MO). James Snider married REBECCA MONTGOMERY August 02, 1855 in Oregon City, MO. She was died Bet. 1860 - 1865 in MO. James W. Snider's first wife was said to have died while James away in the Civil War. He returned from the war to find that she was gone. Family members were said to have nursed him back to health and this included his first cousin Teresa Neal, his first cousin. They became fond and each other and he married TERRESSA (Treasy, Creasy) NEAL (NEEL) February 23, 1865 in Carter Co., MO. Teresa was the daughter of ROBERT NEAL and NANCY HENDERSON. Teresa was born November 27, 1844 in Missouri, and died November 04, 1888 in Shannon County, Missouri.
Family legend has it that James sided with the Confederacy didn’t like his daughter Sally's father-in-law, John C. Windes. They had fought on different sides of the Civil War. The Union man got a pension (in his old age), but the Confederate didn't. They got into a fight over it once at the post office when a check came through.

SARAH ANN “Sally” SNIDER, b. June 21, 1857, Carter County, Missouri; d. December 16, 1917.
MARGARET J. SNIDER, b. 1859, Pike Creek, Carter, MO.

RODA E. SNIDER, b. December 01, 1865; d. December 13, 1868. 22. ii. CHARLES WESLEY SNIDER, b. September 08, 1867, Lowassie, Missouri; d. August 26, 1909, Ordway, Otero, Colorado, Death Certicate available.
EMILY SNIDER, b. October 03, 1868; d. September 13, 1869.
SILAS NELSON SNIDER, b. September 23, 1870, Missouri; d. 1935.
MARY ELLEN SNIDER, b. July 03, 1872, Missouri; d. March 06, 1933, Pocahontas, Randolph, AR.
MALLISSA A. SNIDER, b. May 16, 1874; d. August 09, 1874.
ROBERT L. SNIDER, b. January 09, 1876; d. August 16, 1881
JAMES ALLEN SNIDER, b. July 07, 1877; d. January 21, 1901
JOHN WALKER SNIDER, b. September 08, 1879; d. February 12, 1940.
NANCY VIOLA SNIDER, b. April 02, 1881; d. Unknown; m. JNO T. D. DURGAN, January 30, 1900.
ELI FRANK SNIDER, b. November 22, 1884, Shannon Co, MO; d. July 21, 1970, Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.
GEORGE NELSON SNIDER, b. July 06, 1887, Lowassee, Shannon, Missouri; d. November 17, 1935, Riverside, California.
at Low Wassie, Shannon, Missouri USA


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