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Janet Caldwell: Her life and work benefited many people. Date and location of photo unknown by submitter.

Dr. Janet Anderson Caldwell '15, noted woman pioneer in the field of medicine, died august 22 in New York city at the age of 82. A granddaughter of La Crosse merchante Mons Anderson, Caldwell took on the challenge of medicine at a time when few women had careers outside the home.

Caldwell last visited la Crosse in 1976 when she attended a reunion of her La Crosse Normal School classmates.

A graduate of Baylor Medical College in Dallas, Caldwell served as a pathologist with Baylor University Hospital, 1921-28,where her husband, Dr. George Thomas Caldwell, was chairman of pathology; completed a residency in radiology at the Mayo Clinic in 1928 and then worked as a radiologist; in 1934 became one of the first 100 women fliers in the country by earning her private pilot's license; was in private practice from 1940-43; helped organize the department of pathology at Southwestern Medical College in 1943; assisted in the organization of the first nutrition clinic in Dallas, 1944-45; and from 1947-48 was co-director of the School of Health of the Dallas Independent School District.

She moved to New York city in 1950 where she was a physician for the city's obesity and nutrition clinics. During this time, she became a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Associateion and worked as a member of the Alfred Adler Consultation Center.

Following her "retirement" in 1962, Caldwell Traveled through Central America in search of a communtiy where she might work toward enriching the lives of others. She chose Yoro, Honduras, an isolated, rural community in the rugged interior mountain chain, and devoted her time, energy and knowledge toward promoting the education and cultural advancement of its people.

Caldwell "retired" again in 1974 and returned to New York City where she published a revolutionary and controversial book on the life and death of Jesus: Jesus: A Psychobiography and Medical Evaluation (Carlton Press/New York). At the time of her death, Caldwell was a volunteer physician at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health.

She is survived by her daughter and on-in-law, Mrs. marian C. Ellis, M.D., and John T. Ellis, M.D., and three granchildren, Evelyn F. Ellis, M. D., George C. Ellis,M.D., and John T. Ellis.
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