Janet Gaynor - First Female Academy Award Winner Gainor family photo
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Janet Gaynor - First Female Academy Award Winner

Janet Gaynor was born Laura Augusta Gainor October 6, 1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but grew up in San Francisco, California. Later moving to Los Angeles, California, she is fondly remembered as the a popular Hollywood actress during the silent film era.

She was the first woman to win an academy award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She was also the youngest to win an Oscar, holding onto the title for 57 years. ... show more

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The 1st female winner of an Academy Award, silent film actress Janet Gaynor, won an Academy Award for Best Actress on May 16th 1929. In fact, she was the only woman to win an Academy Award in 1929.

After receiving 3 out of 5 Best Actress nods, Janet won for all three roles including "Seventh Heaven", "Street Angel" and "Sunrise". She also held the title of the youngest actress to win an Oscar until 2 years after her death in 1986 when Marelee Matlin took the title.
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Photo taken at Blossom Room in the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, California USA on
Janet Gaynor - First Female Academy Award Winner


Born: Oct 06, 1906
Died: Sep 14, 1984 (age 77)
Also in this photo: Laura at 22 years old